How It Works

Complete Your Profile on Ccino

Tell us what kind of job you do and how far are you willing to travel.

We find homeowners using our platform

We use Ccino's proprietary algorithms to find homeowners who really need to start their project.

We match you and the homeowner

We will send you a text about a preview for the homeowner, and if you agree to take the job, we match you and the homeowner.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the rate for Ccino Lead-Gen?

We offer shared-leads and exclusive leads. For shared-leads, the pricing starts at $5/lead. For exclsuive leads, pricing starts at $15/lead.


How long does a lead take to get to me?

We send the lead to you almost instantly.


What information will I receive from my lead?

We will send you the homeowner's name, email, phone number, type of job they are looking for, as well as when they plan to start the project.


How do I sign up for Ccino Lead-Gen?

You can securely sign up here