Ccino is the financing tool that helps home-improvement businesses offer financing to their clients. Traditionally, financing is complicated, expensive, and clients are hard to get approved. Ccino uses software to eliminate the complication and high-cost for businesses, allowing businesses to get paid faster and save more money in their pockets.
No, Ccino is not a direct lender. Ccino utilizes technology to empower your clients get funded efficiently but does not underwrite any loans.
Ccino is one of the first companies that offer unlimited financing for a fixed monthly fee. That means businesses do not need to worry about paying a high percent-based fee anymore. Rather, Ccino helps businesses put their hard-earned money back in their pockets so they can get ahead. Learn more about our pricing here.
Because Ccino is not a direct lender, it only gets compensated on average 0.5% per loan when your customer gets funded. Paying us a low fixed monthly payment allows us to operate the business and provide better homeowner service such as one on one consultations with your clients.
We make money by using software to provide service to a larger number of contractors and hoping that the revenue could help us sustain our business. We do not charge any hidden fees or set-up fees and we are thriving to soon be a profitable company with your support..
Our office is located in 447 Broadway, 2nd FL #283, New York, NY, 10013.
Ccino is operating in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
We believe the current contractor financing model is outdated and expensive, with too much money going to the lender and too high cost charged to the borrower. Both of these have made businesses put less money in their pockets.
We've integrated the latest technology to assist businesses to keep most profits in their pockets by making financing easier for homeowners, only 1-3 business days so businesses can get paid prior to their work. We also only charge businesses a small flat monthly fee, compared with the high percentage per funding fee the traditional financing companies charge.
For your business to use Ccino we will need to collect a valid business or personal credit card that is registered in the United States, this helps us to validate your business's identity.
We do not have other requirements such as years in business, annual revenue, or types of contracting.
Yes, just like a Netflix subscription, you can cancel Ccino anytime when you no longer feel the need of using it. Your Ccino subscription will end after the expiry date. You can always resubscribe to Ccino by emailing:
Please note that if you are currently on any of our promotional programs, cancelling the subscription will reset the promotional program and it will no longer be applicable when you resubscribe.
No we do not. Ccino does not charge any set-up fees or require your business to enter an annual contract with us.
Once approved, your customers can usually receive the funding within 1-3 business days.
We can provide the APR based on the average data from Ccino borrowers in the year of 2019.
  • Excellent Credit (FICO 700 and above): 5.34% - 11.30%
  • Average Credit (FICO 640 - 700): 11.50% - 26.87%
  • Building Credit (FICO 640 and below): 19.95% - 30.61%
At Ccino our lending partners deposit to the homeowner for the following reasons:
  • You do not need to be responsible for homeowner defaults. We work with lending partners to deal with homeowner defaults, your business will be paid upfront and the money is yours.
  • We do not require a certificate of completion to allow you get paid with your schedule. Many lenders require a certificate of completion or use a step-by-step deposit methods to pay your business. At Ccino we help your business gets paid in your terms and our lending partners deposit the full amount to your customers.
  • Your customer signs a project intent agreement with us to intend to use the fund for your business. For every customer that gets funding, they will sign a project intent agreement with Ccino that suggests they will use the fund for home-improvement purposes and use your services.
The minimum amount is $1,000 and the maximum amount is $100,000. For customers with their FICO score less than 700, the maximum they can borrow is $50,000.
Our terms are typically between 2 to 12 years. From our experience, most loans are between 2-8 years.
The funding time varies per lending partner, but from our experience your customer can usually get their funding within 1 to 3 business days.
No, your customer can pay back their loans anytime without pre-payment penalties or having to pay ongoing interests.