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Did you know that you’d be able to reduce the energy costs by a massive 40% if you keep your HVAC unit in top shape?

All you need is to do is to follow a regular maintenance routine, and you'd be saving thousands of dollars annually.

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Detecting some smaller issues early and fixing them instantly will help you save your big bucks.

But the question is,

“How do I begin?”

And that’s exactly what we will be taking a look at here.

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the steps you need to follow to keep your HVAC unit in top shape.

Well, then! Let’s dive in.

Follow These 7 Tips to Keep Your HVAC Unit in Top Shape

Listed below are the tips you should follow to keep your HVAC unit in top shape:

• Monthly Filter Checks

• Clean Away the Debris

• Maximize Airflow

• Know the Best Temperature

• Clean the Coil

• Thermostat Installation

• Regular Servicing

Let’s take a look at each of them one at a time.

Monthly Filter Checks

If the filter is dirty, it will lead to airborne pollutants like dander, mold, and dust circulating through air.

And if you keep breathing in such pollutants, you might be at a higher risk of being affected by allergy problems.

And that’s the reason you should change your HVAC filter at least once in 3 months.

Here’s what you might be subject to with a dirty filter:

• Increased maintenance costs

• System failure

• Reduction of the system's lifespan

On top of this, you may witness an exponential spike in your energy costs.

And that’s not it.

A dirty filter may impact the health of your loved ones, as well.

If you find your family members sneezing often, I’d advise you to check your HVAC filter.

Clean Away the Debris

Debris usually builds up on HVAC units along with the filter and the coils. This may lead to a reduction in airflow, thereby decreasing the capacity of your HVAC system.

This will lead to your HVAC system working harder than it usually does, ultimately causing the energy costs to go up.

Debris may include pollen, grass clippings, leaves, twigs, etc.

Prior to cleaning the outside of your HVAC unit, I’d advise you to equip yourself with:

• Air conditioner coil cleaner

• Protective gloves and eye gear

• Water hose along with a sprayer

However, in some cases, I’d advise you to get in touch with the HVAC professionals if you witness a degrade in your system’s efficiency. That’s because there might be other larger issues that might be impacting your HVAC system’s performance.

Follow these steps to clean away the debris:

• Turn off the power.

• Use the water hose and spray the debris on the unit's outside.

• Use the coil cleaner.

• Wait for about 15 minutes until the foam bonds with dirt.

• Use the hose for rinsing the coil cleaner.

• Clean the section around the system.

Once you are done, you’d find your AC working at its maximum efficiency.

Maximize Airflow

One of the reasons why people end up paying higher maintenance costs is that they pay little-to-no attention to their system's registers and vents.

Upon cleaning both of them, you will be boosting the air circulation.

NOTE: Don’t close more than 20% of the home registers.

This will help you avoid putting any unwanted strain on your HVAC system. You may even stave off the clogs once in a while.

All you need to do is to create a mixture of water and bleach and pour it down the HVAC condensate drain.

This will help you prevent algae and mold from building up.

And if you fail to do that, the chances are that you might witness a decrease in efficiency due to clogs.

Know the Best Temperature

The optimal temperature during the summer season is around 78-degrees, whereas during the winter, it's 68-degrees.

I’d advise you to always set your system to the above-mentioned optimal temperature (depending on the season) to save money.

This will even help you make sure that your HVAC system isn’t working overtime.

Clean the Coil

HVAC coils play a major role in making sure that your HVAC system runs reliably, efficiently, and effectively.

Cleaning the coils regularly will help you lower the cooling and heating costs. Plus, you will be subject to improved indoor air quality.

HVAC coils are responsible for running your HVAC system at the highest operational efficiency, leading to better airflow.

If the condenser coils are left dirty, you’d be subject to:

• A drop in cooling efficiency

• A decline in energy efficiency

• An increase in energy costs

Keeping your HVAC coils clean will help you make sure that your HVAC system runs at maximum efficiency and keeps the energy costs in check.

Thermostat Installation

With rapid advancements in technology, we’ve been able to do wonders.

These days, thermostats will help you adjust your HVAC's temperature, even if you aren't physically available to control it.

Even if you are sleeping, you will be able to make sure that the temperature is adjusted, as per your requirements and comfort.

Alongside this, you will be able to improve your house’s energy efficiency as well as decrease the energy costs.

Regular Servicing

All you need to do is to take care.

Upon scheduling HVAC maintenance regularly, you may even make sure that your system lasts more than 15 years.

On top of this, this will lead to your HVAC system working effectively and efficiently throughout the year.

Either you may do it all by yourself, or you can hire an expert who will help you with:

• Examine condensate drain for the clogs

• Calibrate & check thermostat when needed

• Check gas connections

• Add oil to motor oil.

• Connect the gauges to the outside unit

• Install new filters

And so much more.

On top of this, if they come across any major issues that might be affecting your HVAC’s unit performance, they’d love nothing more than helping you solve them.

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