During our time of building Ccino, one of our biggest finding is that contractors love our services because we have treated their customers right. I want to share with you what we've found and what we are doing differently here at Ccino.

We Don't Have Conflict of Interests

Services like Greensky and ServiceFinance got paid more by their lending partners if they can charge a higher interests to your homeowners. Making a high tendency for those companies to offer the highest loan terms to your customers possible.

For example, if your customer took a loan from Greensky for 12.99% APR for a $10,000 loan, the loan agreement will include a fixed, 10-year repayment period with pre-payment penalties, meaning your customer typically cannot pay off the loan early.

The cost of their interests over the span of 10 years? $7,910. Almost 80% of the $10,000 your customer originally borrowed.

Here at Ccino, we get paid whether your customer takes a 2-year loan or a 8-year loan, which makes us do the right thing. On Ccino, your customer will always see how much interest payments they will pay if they choose certain offer, and we always encourage them to take the lowest cost options.

At Ccino, your customer will always see the interest costs for each offer.

We Ask Homeowners What They Want

There are other services in the industry that are similar at what we do, but their job is merely generating offers and sending them to your customers, without considering the individual differences for homeowners.

We listened to hundreds of homeowners' requests, and we learned that some homeowners need the funds urgently while others don't. Some homeowners would like 0% APR options, while others just want to lower their rates.

When financing companies ignore the homeowners' voices, they are no longer bringing value to your brand. Here at Ccino, we follow-up with every homeowner. Yes, everyone. Even with the homeowners that are declined, we check-in with them to see if there are ways we could get them approved.

We Get Back To You Quicker & More Straightforward

When you are calling other financial services, it feels like dealing with a bank. They use terms that you don't understand, and it feels that they are always hiding something:

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that your homeowner is declined, let me take a look at what happened... Sorry but I am not to disclose that information."

Here at Ccino we don't do that. We speak the truth, we speak like you, and we solve problems.

We Help You Build Your Brand

Every business has a brand, and for home-improvement business owners like you, word-of-mouth and customer experience is more important than ever. Here at Ccino we treat your customers with respect, with transparency, and with support whenever they need us. Our average homeowner response time is 3 minutes, and we often get on the phone with them until they are funded.

Ccino is not just an ordinary financing company, it builds relationships with your customers, and they lasts.

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George Pu

Founder, Ccino.