After your customers submit their applications to check rates on Ccino, there are two scenarios that are possible next:

1. They will be declined

2. They will get pre-qualified

Rest assured in both scenarios there is no impact on your customers’ credit scores. In the second case, getting “pre-qualified” means the lending partners assessed there is a high chance that your customers can get approved.

Ccino provides both personal loan and credit card offers to your customers. Combined, your customers can see up to 100 different options to choose from. Once they had selected a rate they like, they can get a decision in seconds and if approved, funding usually in 1–3 business days.

Some homeowners make up their mind quickly while some homeowners might need more time to make their decisions. Here’s what you can do in the meantime:

Check-in with your customer and see what they need

Sometimes homeowners feel more comfortable talking to their contractors about their financing needs. We highly encourage your business to check-in with your customers and ask if they need anything in particular.

Bring more customers to financing

We know from experience that even if a homeowner has decided to move forward with a rate they like, there is still a small chance they could get declined. We highly encourage your business to bring more customers to Ccino and as a result, you increase the probability of having your customers funded through Ccino.

Be ready to follow-up and close

Once your customers are funded, you will get notified immediately through text messages or emails. Once you do, be ready to follow-up with your customers and close them fast.

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George Pu

Founder, Ccino.