Only with the buy-in from your team members can you make having financing your true competitive advantage.

Let’s face it — most of the business owners these days don’t make sales themselves. Ccino is an app meant for small businesses, but the end user should not only be the owners and office staff but also salespeople and contractors on the field.

How can you get the buy-in from your business and equip your team with financing knowledge in mind? Here’s a complete, quick guide.

I. Share your business brochure with your team

Every business working with Ccino will receive their personalized brochure outlining the details of financing and how it works for homeowners. Email the brochure to your teammates and let them know you are now with a new financing partner.

II. Sign up for Ccino App and invite the team

If you haven’t already, Ccino App is the best place you and your team can collaborate and keep track of new applications. Register a new account and in the menu bar, you can select “Invite teammates” and invite your teammates one by one.

III. Print out brochures and hand to your sales reps

Our experience shows that printing our brochures and handing it out to every client your sales reps are visiting will significantly increase the number of clients requesting financing on your site. Print the brochures out and hand them to your customers.

Just by completing these three steps, you will be well ahead of most of your competitors. We look forward to working with you!

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George Pu

Founder, Ccino.