Covering Homeowners With Minimum Credits

Since we founded Ccino, we had to, unfortunately, turn away homeowners every week because they did not meet our minimum requirements for Personal Loans. Many of those homeowners need urgent upgrades of their projects, and we have always been looking for methods to give them more options.

Today, we are introducing a new financing program for homeowners with FICO scores as low as 300. Under our new plan, Ccino would introduce contingency financing plans to homeowners who would normally be turned away.

From having a co-signer to a last-resort, payday alternative loans, Ccino's new algorithm now gives every homeowner options to select from.

Introducing 0% APR Personal Loans

We understand that our contractors sometimes will be asked by their homeowners if they provide 0% APR financing. We want you to close more sales and those sales that matter to you, that's why Ccino now offers 0% APR Personal Loans Financing programs with promotional periods up to 6 months.

As long as your customers are pre-qualified for Ccino's Personal Loans, they are eligible for this new program.

Unlike other lenders, we designed our 0% APR program based on the principle of "save". While other lenders intend to use the promotional period as a shield to misleading homeowners picking high-interest loans with longer-than-usual terms, we built our program based on letting homeowners save and make their own selections. Homeowners will have the authority of making their own selections, and we will reimburse the interest costs regardless of their choices.

It is exciting to offer 0% promotional periods to Ccino's Personal Loans, however, as a software broker, this also comes with an extra cost. If you are a business, the cost to you would be:

* 3-Month Interest-Free Personal Loans: 6.9% Per Funded Loan

* 6-Month Interest-Free Personal Loans: 9.9% Per Funded Loan

We recommend our customers to only consider 0% APR Personal Loans when the sale is important to you and it would be a deal-breaker if you do not offer 0% APR promotional periods.

You can sign up for the 0% APR program by sending us an email at

Bringing More Transparency To The Offer Page

We understand homeowners might need some extra steps to understand how much interests they would actually be paying. To make it easier, we have added "total interest costs" on our offer page displaying how much interest would homeowners pay in the lifespan of their loans.

In the future, we will also be gradually adding our in-depth review for each lending partner we have for homeowners to make the best decisions.

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George Pu

Founder, Ccino.