Since the launch of the Ccino App in late April, we have added several awesome features for our customers and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Send Your Financing Page To Your Clients’ Devices

A Calendly Demo

We understand your business are not always with your clients in-person. We have now made it easier than ever to share your financing page with your clients.

  • Go to the Ccino App

  • Select “Share Financing Page”

  • Include your client’s email address or phone number

Once you hit “Send”, your financing page will be sent immediately to your customers.

Invite Your Teammates To Your Organization On Ccino

We have made it easy to add your teammates to join your organization. Unlike others, we allow you to add unlimited number of teammates to your organization.

  • Go to the Ccino App

  • Select “Invite Teammates”

  • Include your teammate’s email or phone number

We will automatically send your teammate an email or text message and guide them through the setup to join your organization.

More Utilities Added To “New Application”

Now when you start a new application, the Ccino App will ask you if you are with your client, and will process the application accordingly.

Now when your customer completes an application, they will have to sign a project intent agreement with us.

What’s Next

We’re always working hard to include utilities that bring value to the businesses we work with. If you have any good suggestions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at

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George Pu

Founder, Ccino.